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The Alcoholic

I'm the fish with a liver of steel!!!

A Wondering Soul
7 August 1986
Alrighty...well, there's not a whole lot to say about me. I've moved more in the last year than a tumble weed in the desert. I love ♥new adventures♥ and just getting up and going somewhere for the soul reason of: I can! Music is in my head all the time and I love listening to ♥new bands♥. I've recently added some ♥new bands♥ to my list of ♥loves♥ (Bloody Mary, The Love Crave, Embellish, ShamRain, Swollow the Sun, Die For Me) and most of the ♥bands/music♥ I listen to are from ♥Europe♥ oddly enough. I wish more than anything that I lived in ♥Europe♥, then ♥traveling♥ there wouldn't be such a distance and wouldn't cost so much. haha. I make lots of random jokes or say random things...and I think I'm the only one that gets a laugh out of it. But if you can't laugh at yourself...then what can you laugh at? So, if you wanna add me...go for it! I can defend you with my kick ass karate moves and a spork!

Umm...yea, I think thats about it. I know its short, but its sweet! LOL. If ya want to get to know me, you can add me or IM me...I dont bite (unless you want me to). =D

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Credit for the color bars goes to allycatxo143xo

Credit for the converse color bar is me...because I made it! I RULE! haha

Credit for the mood theme goes to sunkissxthis